Massey’s Updated Website!

Welcome to the new and updated Massey’s Diesel & R.V. Repair, Inc. website! We’re always on the lookout for the best way to serve you! With our new website, you’ll now have a chance to keep up with what is new at Massey’s and even reach us with your comments. To all our valued customers – thanks so much! We’re looking forward to serving you in 2012!

2 thoughts on “Massey’s Updated Website!

  1. I always get excellent service from Tom K and his crew at Massey. A side benefit of dealing with such an excellent shop is being able to call for advice. While on a recent road trip I found it necessary to call Tom to see if I needed to have immediate service on the road or if the warning light on my dash could wait until I could return to Massey. He told me exactly what to do an lo and behold I was able to continue my trip and the light can be checked on my next visit.

  2. Tom and all the help at Massey diesel are GREAT!!! They know there business in repairs. They get you in on time, figure out the problem and GET IT DONE. They helped me out on several problems with my motor home, even one big electrical problem that other shops could not figure out. I live over 100 miles away but Tom and Massey Diesel will be doing the work on my motor home from now on. THANKS TO TOM AND TIM we are back on the road.

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